What photography services offers Unveiled Photography?

Unveiled Photography offers portrait photography, (including business headshots and portraiture), family photography sessions and children photo sessions. Newborn Photography sessions and Maternity sessions are two favorite ones.

Unveiled Photography also offers engagement sessions. Engagement sessions are most common in Canada and the US and less known in Europe, especifically in The Netherlands. At the moment we are working on making these sessions popular. Would you like more info on any of these sessions, please contact us at info@unveiledphotography.nl. We also enjoy wedding photography. Please follow the links to see sample of our photography:

  • Wedding photography
  • Pregnancy, baby & newborn photography
  • Family, Engagement & Portrait photography
  • Are the photos taken in a studio, in our house or outdoors?

    That depends. Contrary to newborn sessions where we consider your own home is the best place for the session, familiy portraits, personal portraits and engagements, can be done both in outdoor locations, indoors, or a combination of both. In the especific case of family or groups portraits, we would generally suggest an outdoor location. For personal portraits, headshots and some photo shoots with your partner, both outdoors or indoors are good options with their own advantages and disadvantages.

    If you have a clear idea of what you want, please contact us. We would be happy to let you know what the possibilities are and what are the best options for you.

    Please follow the link for samples of our studio sessions, family and portrait photography and engagement sessions (or photoshoot with partner).
    Please follow the link if you are looking for our pregnancy or newborn photography page.

    Do you also do wedding photography?

    Yes! And we love them! Please check our section dedicated exclusively to wedding photography

    Do you also photograph other events?

    Yes, we do. As mentioned before, we do wedding photography as well as corporate events. Corporate events are similar to weddings although they are a tad less demanding. For more info please check our wedding photography page or contact us here

    What happens if I cannot make it?

    In the event that you cannot make it to your photo session, we kindly request that you let us know in advance. At such moment you can let us know if you have a date in mind and if possible, we will reschedule your session.

    Are you available on our date/location?

    We are located in Amsterdam but cover locations all across The Netherlands.
    If you have a date in mind, please contact us and we'll come back to you as soon as possible. Are you flexible with your dates? Let us know as that might help accomodating you in our schedule. Please contact us here. We would love to know what your plans are and how we can help you. You can also give me a call or SMS me at 06.5726.7898.
    For more info, please check our working area page.

    Do we need to meet before the session?

    Some sessions do not require a previous meeting. However, there are sessions where we need to discuss preferences and go over details. In these situations, it is good to have a short consultation.

    There is no charge for this consultation.

    What are your rates?

    Our rates start at €100 per hour with a minimum of 1 hour booking. This rates apply to sessions with up to four members. Extra time is counted by rounding to the nearest half hour.

    A 5% session incentive in the form of products is available for sessions that take place between Monday and Thursday. For personalized offers (à la carte) please contact me.

    For especial offers, please contact me directly or check the special offers page for information.

    What is included in a photo session?

    With every photo session you will get:

  • Consultation
  • Unique Unveiled Photography Style
  • Clothing advice
  • Online Gallery
  • Facebook ready photos
  • An enlargement (up to 20x30cm) (limited to one per hour booked)
  • A selection of 10 small prints (10x15cm)
  • What other products do you have?

    The photographs we create are meant to be printed. They can be printed as a canvas, a traditional print or moderne metallic and acrylic prints or even an album. The prints can be provided as a printed photo itself, a mounted photo or a framed photograph.

    For more details, please visit my Albums and Prints page.

    Sessions Details

    Portrait Photography

    What is the best time to do them?

    I prefer to have this session done in the first 10 days after the baby is born. This is a period in which we can really achieve some beautiful portraits of your newborn. Do not hesitate in contacting us if you have any question or inquietude regarding having a session in this period.
    I understand that this might be an stressful time since your life changes quite a bit with the arrival of a new family member and that is why we consider that having the newborn session at your own home is beter than in other locations.

    It is possible, however, to have this sessions past the first 10 days though.

    Business & Commercial portraits

    The image you portrait of your business or commercial enterprise is a very important element in the perception of your company by the general audience. If you are in need of photography services for your company whether it is for annual reports, personnel update, website usage or PR, you can contact us for a personalized offer and service.

    Do you do fashion photography?

    Not at the moment. We would be happy to recommend a photographer or two if this is what you are looking for.
    If you are still interested in having Unveiled Photography work with you on a fashion shoot, then contact us to arrange a meeting and discuss possibilities.

    Family Photography

    What to wear

    That depends greatly on what type of photo are you looking for. Are you looking for a natural style photo? Or a more classic one? Please check the advice below on "Photo Session: What to wear" for more info or contact us.

    Where would the session take place?

    For family photography, outdoors is my preferred option. It could be a park, the city, the beach, your garden. Indoor photos are also possible in a more documentary style.

    General Portrait Questions

    What portrait options do I have?

    There are basically two styles that I work with for both family and personal portraits:
    The aim of the first one is to capture you (alone, with your partner or family) in a relax ambient. Tha intention is to produce fresh photos with a more natural look. Some guidance will be used but posing will be minimized. These photos work the best outdoors.
    The second option is a more classical one and it is intended to create a timeless photograph with elegance and a hint of traditional style. They can be taken both in and outdoors and the photographer will be more involved in the arrangement of the group and composition of the photo.
    If you are not sure what is best for you, please contact us.

    Photo session: What to wear

    This is a very personal aspect of your photos. What you wear on your portrait session will depend strongly on what type of session you are planning. Your clothing selection will be different if you have, for example, an outdoor photo shoot with your partner, if you have a themed session or a fashion shoot.

    We advise, in general, to wear neutral color clothing without busy patterns or stripes or logos as it can detract from the main subject. This is not, however, a firm rule, it is simply a safe advice.

    For a selection of the best clothing for your portrait session, please contact us and will give personalized advice.

    Photo session: Makeup

    Makeup, as with clothing selection, also depends on what type of session you'll have. In this case, nevertheless, unless you are having a fashion shoot or a themed session, we advise to use light make-up. It is easier to compensate for lack of make-up in post-production than to recover details from overly done makeups. A soft and neutral base, with a light application of soft and natural colors to enhance your featuers is ideal. We will be happy to provide more details if interested.

    For visual examples, please refer to photos in the portrait photos gallery (in the main page).

    When are my photos ready?

    Your photos should be ready in about a week after the photo session takes place. This is subject to the season and work load. From May 'til September, it could take up to two weeks because we are also busy with weddings at the time.